10 Best Things to Buy on a Cruise (Duty-Free)

When embarking on a luxurious cruise holiday, taking advantage of tax-free shopping opportunities and finding special keepsakes can enhance the overall experience. To help guide your choices, here are the top 10 souvenirs to buy on a cruise ship based on real-life recommendations from experienced cruisers.

1. Playing Cards: Decks of playing cards adorned with images of destinations, wildlife, or iconic symbols related to your cruise line create a tangible connection to cherished memories. When played with friends and family, these cards spark conversations about adventures shared aboard the ship and in exotic locales.

2. Ten Dollar Shawls and Accessories: Lightweight and affordable, these versatile fashion pieces come in handy during shore excursions or elegant evenings on board. Typically offered in sets of six, these stylish shawls present incredible value. In addition, matching evening bags are available, ensuring coordinated elegance throughout your journey.

3. Cruise Ship T-Shirts & Hoodies: Show off your loyalty and passion for your favourite cruise line by sporting official apparel. From classic tees to comfy hoodies, there’s a variety of options tailored to suit individual preferences. Furthermore, these clothing items double as snuggly reminders of fantastic voyages once back home.

4. Perfumes and Cosmetics: Make the most of duty-free pricing on beauty products by indulging in premium fragrances or cosmetics without breaking the bank. Many frequent cruisers recommend selecting a signature scent inspired by your unforgettable adventure. This choice creates a delightful association between the aroma and fond recollections each time spritzed afterward.

5. Cruise Line Mugs & Travel Tumblers: Customized mugs emblazoned with logos of renowned cruise lines make wonderful gifts for friends or satisfying self-indulgences. For hot drinks aficionados, investing in an insulated travel tumbler guarantees consistent temperature control whether commuting to work or exploring ashore.

6. Replica Ships & Models: Devoted collectors eagerly anticipate acquiring scale model replicas of majestic vessels gracing oceans worldwide. Assembling these intricate representations fosters patience, creativity, and satisfaction upon completion. Expand your fleet by swapping doubles with fellow enthusiasts met along the way.

7. Jewelry: Whether opting for fine gold and diamond pieces or stunning costume designs, jewelry serves as timeless memorabilia reflective of milestone vacations. Charm bracelets, particularly popular amongst families, enable personalization through carefully selected trinkets symbolizing each remarkable expedition.

8. Luxury Handbags: Previously owned yet immaculate designer purses increasingly appear in onboard boutiques catering to discerning clientele. While investment required remains substantial, buyers frequently report securing exceptional bargains worth sharing excitement over.

9. Magnets and Decorative Items: Magnet collections boasting colorful depictions of private islands, cruise ports, and distinctive ship features transform ordinary refrigerators into vibrant galleries displaying hard-earned travels. Similarly, consider repurposing collected medallions (like Princess Cruises’) into ornaments, preserving sentimental tokens close at hand during festive seasons.

10. Christmas Ornaments: Amongst the most coveted souvenirs purchased on cruises are festive ornaments commemorating extraordinary journeys. Acquired annually, these precious keepsakes eventually form a breathtaking display signifying extensive exploration across continents and cultures alike.

In conclusion, choosing souvenirs that resonate personally ensures long-lasting pleasure derived from cherished memories made during your aquatic escapades. Happy cruising!

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