10 Cruise Industry Trends that Will Impact Cruises in 2024


Besides the new and amazing Cruise Ships coming out in 2024 there are some exciting and even some surprising Cruise trends that are on their way hi there I’m Elana and I am in a hotel room right now in Florida about to get on a cruise though in a couple of days but I’ve been collecting Cruise news and cruise Trends over the Last couple of months that I did want to share with you in this video today now some of them we’ve definitely heard about they have made some big news this year but other stories seem to have gone under the radar but I think that they are really interesting things for us to know if we are cruising in 2024.

New Cruise Ships in 2024

  1. Icon of the Seas – The largest ship in the world from Royal Caribbean, boasting over 250,000 tons.

2. Sun Princess – Part of Princess Cruises’ new Sphere Class, offering a unique and luxurious experience.

3. Queen Anne – From Cunard, this elegant ship promises to deliver unforgettable voyages.

4. Disney Treasure – Sure to bring lots of excitement and magic onboard.

5. Explora 2 – MSC’s latest addition to its luxury cruise line, Explora Journeys.

Refurbished Cruise Ships

According to Travel Weekly, there will be fewer brand-new cruise ships in the coming years, with more emphasis on refurbishing existing ones. Some benefits of refurbished cruise ships include:

  • Addition of popular restaurants and eateries.

  • Upgraded facilities such as libraries (Holland America) and spa thermal suites (Norwegian Cruise Line).

  • Expanded adult-only areas

Private Island Destinations

Private island destinations continue to grow in popularity, especially with Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay leading the charge. In 2024, expect to see:

  • Celebration Key from Carnival
  • Lighthouse Point from Disney Cruise Line

Short Cruises on the Rise

Royal Caribbean’s Utopia of the Seas will offer three and four-night sailings starting in 2024, providing an excellent opportunity for new cruisers to test the waters without committing to a longer voyage. Benefits of short cruises include:

  • Lower commitment and financial investment
  • Opportunity to visit popular destinations like Perfect Day at CocoCay

Longer Cruises and Immersive Experiences

While short cruises are becoming increasingly popular, so are longer, more immersive cruises focusing on specific destinations and cultures. Examples include:

  • Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise
  • Longer stays in port and overnight visits in Europe

Solo Cruising

As solo travel gains traction, cruise lines are taking notice. With Norwegian Cruise Line introducing an additional 1,000 solo cabins and other lines following suit, solo cruising is becoming more accessible and enjoyable.

5G Cell Phone Coverage on Cruise Ships

Although this trend hasn’t received much attention yet, Carnival plans to introduce 5G coverage on select ships, beginning with Carnival Jubilee in 2024. This development could greatly enhance connectivity during cruises.

Price Comparisons Between Land and Cruise Travel

While cruise prices may have risen over the past few years, the gap between land and cruise travel expenses appears to be shrinking. Many people, including first-time cruisers, recognize the value of cruising compared to traditional vacations.

Group Travel

From family reunions to multigenerational trips and dream weddings, group travel continues to be a significant trend in cruising.

In conclusion, the cruise industry is constantly evolving, and staying informed about emerging trends helps ensure memorable and satisfying experiences. Whether you prefer brand new ships, refurbished gems, exotic private islands, or immersive cultural adventures, there’s something for everyone in the world of cruising in 2024 and beyond!

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