10 Things Cruise Lines Won’t Tell You.

If you’re going on a cruise especially for the first time, there are some things that are not only not obvious but the cruise line most likely won’t tell you. if you already have a few cruises under your belt then you probably know many of these things although I am willing to bet there’s Probably one or two that might come as a bit of a surprise but if you are a new Cruiser these are definitely some things that the cruise lines well likely they’re not going to be telling you at all now some of these are pretty important to know and others are just plain good tips.

1. No Enforced Luggage Limit:

One common misconception among cruisers is the strict enforcement of luggage limits. While most cruise lines provide guidelines and recommendations regarding baggage size and weight, they rarely enforce these restrictions strictly. Therefore, instead of worrying excessively about packing lightly, focus on ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable and memorable experience. It’s always better to have more items and feel prepared rather than realizing you missed crucial belongings back at home.

2. Booking Shore Excursions Independently:

While booking shore excursions via the cruise line offers peace of mind knowing the vessel will wait for you, alternative options exist that could prove both cost-effective and fulfilling. Research reputable tour operators within each destination and compare prices against those offered by the cruise line. Additionally, consider visiting popular attractions independently, particularly nearby public beaches, as this approach tends to be less pricey. However, remember that independent exploration means assuming responsibility for returning to the ship on time – aim to arrive back at least an hour and a half before the “all aboard” deadline.

3. Seasickness Solutions:

Don’t let seasickness ruin your vacation. Pack motion sickness medication beforehand, but rest assured that cruise staff members can assist if necessary. Head to guest services for temporary relief, or visit the dining hall or buffet to request green apples or fresh ginger – both known for easing upset stomachs. Remember, prevention is key, so try using acupressure bands, avoiding spicy food, and staying hydrated during your journey.

4. Drinking Freedom:

Unlike typical establishments ashore, cruise ships enable passengers to freely move around with their drinks. Feel free to order your favorite cocktail in one venue and continue enjoying it elsewhere – even elevators! Just ensure responsible consumption and adherence to age restrictions.

5. Bringing Your Own Beverages On Board:

Many cruise lines permit passengers to bring wine and soft drinks on board, allowing travelers to save significantly, especially if they aren’t heavy drinkers or lack a beverage package. Review individual cruise line policies carefully, as specific regulations vary (typically permitting one bottle of wine or champagne per person). When transporting alcoholic beverages, avoid consuming them in the dining room to evade corkage fees. Instead, pour yourself a full glass in the privacy of your cabin before heading out for dinner. Soft drink limitations generally range around 12 servings, so explore creative methods to maximize your allowed amount.

6. Cruise Theme Nights:

Theme nights create excitement and camaraderie amongst fellow passengers. To stay informed about these events, join relevant social media groups or follow vlogs and blogs focused on cruising culture. Knowledge about themes such as ‘70s Night, White Party, Scarlet Night, and Orange Party allows you to prepare appropriately and fully immerse yourself in the festivities.

7. Flexibility Regarding Port Call Changes:

Regrettably, unpredictable factors like inclement weather or technical difficulties may cause unexpected adjustments to your itinerary. Although frustrating, maintaining flexibility ensures a positive attitude throughout your journey. Keep expectations realistic and embrace any alterations as opportunities for spontaneous adventure.


In summary, understanding these lesser-known facts helps equip first-time cruisers with vital knowledge needed for a smooth sailing experience. From recognizing lax luggage constraints to embracing drinking freedom and preparing for potential itinerary modifications, being armed with inside information enhances overall satisfaction and prepares individuals for future voyages. Happy cruising!

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