10 Things Pro Cruisers NEVER Do on a Cruise

I’m convinced there’s absolutely nobody better to learn from if you are going on your first cruise than experienced Cruisers by following some of their advice, you’re going to avoid mistakes you’re going to save money and you’re going to have a better Cruise.

  1. Never Fly In On Embarkation Day

This point received unanimous agreement within the community. Even though last-minute flights may seem attractive, remember that anything can happen – delayed flights, lost luggage, or unexpected complications. To ensure a stress-free start to your vacation, always aim to arrive a day earlier, particularly if you have international connections or multiple legs in your journey.

  1. Always Get Travel Insurance

Whether it’s due to sudden illnesses, accidents, or extreme weather conditions, cruise mishaps occur more often than many realize. Having proper travel insurance coverage provides peace of mind and financial protection against unforeseen events. From minor inconveniences to major incidents involving hospitalization or medical evacuation, being insured saves both money and heartache in the long run.

Real Story: A Close Call

A member recounted her own experience aboard a cruise where she suffered abdominal pains requiring tests and intravenous medications; her total medical bill exceeded $3,000. Thankfully, having purchased independent travel insurance allowed her to claim full reimbursement for her medical expenses. Don’t take unnecessary risks – invest in quality travel insurance for smooth sailing ahead.

  1. Steer Clear Of Questionable Seminars And Sales Tactics

Some attendees reported skipping certain types of presentations entirely, citing examples like “flat abs” and “detox” sessions which appear targeted towards less experienced passengers. Additionally, avoiding port shopping talks led by tour operators pushing specific shops (usually pricier options) proved advantageous for savvy travellers seeking authentic local goods and competitive prices. Instead, explore independently or book trusted tours through reputable sources.

  1. Know Your Cruise Lingo And Terminology

Educate yourself on basic terminologies associated with cruising. For example, understanding the difference between ‘deck’, ‘forward’, ‘aft’, and ‘starboard’ helps immensely when navigating large ships. Moreover, refrain from referring to a cruise ship as a ‘boat’. While not a grave error, using incorrect terms may elicit eye rolls among veteran cruisers and potentially diminish your credibility.

  1. Check In At Mustard Stations Immediately Upon Boarding

Mustard stations refer to self-service kiosks found near embarkation areas where guests confirm their identities via facial recognition technology. By completing this process promptly, you enable the vessel to depart sooner while simultaneously freeing up more time for leisure activities throughout your stay. Remember, checking in later may result in longer queues and wasted exploration opportunities.

  1. Remain Calm When Plans Change Unexpectedly

Weather anomalies, technical issues, or altered schedules occasionally disrupt cruise plans. However, fretting over circumstances outside your control achieves nothing productive. Seasoned cruisers recommend embracing flexibility, taking necessary precautions (such as carrying seasickness remedies), and making alternative arrangements when required. After all, vacations aren’t meant to induce anxiety attacks!

  1. Don’t Ignore Passport Requirements Or Recommendations

Despite popular belief, US citizens can technically cruise without a valid passport under certain restricted conditions. Nevertheless, possessing a valid passport ensures hassle-free border crossings and opens doors for additional excursion possibilities. Veteran cruisers generally advise travelling with a valid passport regardless of destination or duration.

  1. Choose The Right Cruise Line For Your Needs

While subjective preferences vary widely, numerous respondents cautioned against automatically choosing Carnival simply because it offers lower fares. Many discovered that competing lines catered more effectively to their needs, offering superior amenities, dining choices, entertainment, and shore excursions. Ultimately, selecting a cruise line depends on each person’s unique tastes and expectations.

  1. Respect Staff And Fellow Passengers

Experienced cruisers emphasized treating every interaction with kindness and respect, whether dealing with fellow passengers or ship personnel. They stressed the importance of acknowledging the tireless efforts of crew members working behind the scenes to create memorable experiences. Furthermore, patience and empathy foster healthier relationships and contribute positively to the collective atmosphere on board.

  1. Overpacking Remains A Personal Choice

Opinions differed significantly regarding appropriate packing levels. Some asserted that excess baggage hindered mobility and enjoyment, advocating instead for minimalist approaches centred around essential items plus versatile clothing options. Others argued that generous packing allowances enabled greater freedom to participate in various activities, formal dinners, and impromptu adventures ashore. Regardless of approach, always prioritize practicality and comfort above quantity.

That wraps up our compilation of top things that experienced cruisers swear by. Keep these suggestions in mind when planning future voyages and share your own insights in the comments section below. Happy cruising!

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