21 Cheap Cruise Travel Hacks You NEED for 2024!


Cruise prices are higher this year and if you’re looking for a way to save money on your next Cruise You are not alone in this Article, I have gathered up 21 money-saving Cruise hacks that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Money-Saving Cruise Hacks

1. Bring your own snorkel gear – Particularly useful for Caribbean or Bahamas vacations, bringing your own snorkel gear can save you a substantial amount compared to renting equipment during excursions. High-quality snorkel sets are available online or at local stores for approximately $20-$25.

2. Drive to the cruise port – While not applicable to everyone, driving to the cruise port can result in considerable savings, especially for families. Set a reasonable distance threshold (e.g., anything under 10 hours) and enjoy the journey!

3. Skip the drink package – Instead, bring allowed quantities of drinks on board. Most Cruise Lines permit one bottle of wine per adult per cabin and a limited number of soft drinks. Additionally, carry refillable water bottles for safe hydration throughout your trip.

4. Book excursions and package upgrades before your Cruise – Take advantage of holiday sales and discounts offered by Cruise Lines, potentially resulting in savings upwards of 50%. Remember to monitor prices leading up to your Cruise and request refunds or rebookings if necessary.

5. Reprice and rebook – As your Cruise approaches, keep an eye on the price and contact the Cruise Line or your travel agent if the cost decreases. This strategy can lead to significant savings on your voyage.

6. Get Shareholder Benefits – Purchasing stocks from major Cruise Companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival can yield shareholder benefits, including onboard credits ranging between $50 to $100+ depending upon the Cruise duration. Keep in mind that I’m not a financial advisor; consult appropriate professionals before investing.

7. Money-saving cabin tips – Opt for an interior cabin, choose an ocean view cabin, select a guarantee cabin, or bid for a last-minute upgrade to save money on accommodations.

8. Utilizing the LifeWell Cruise Ultimate Cruise Planner – A comprehensive tool designed to assist cruisers in organizing and sticking to their budget from pre-booking to disembarkation. It contains essential elements such as Cruise budget planning forms, Cruise shore excursion planning forms, Cruise packing lists, and more.

Preparing For Cruise Expenses

9. Save spending money for your Cruise – Implement techniques like the Envelope System or save loose change in a jar to accumulate funds specifically for Cruise expenditures.

10. Join a hotel rewards program – Sticking with loyalty programs like Marriott Bonvoy can offer complimentary stays, room upgrades, late checkouts, and more. These perks contribute to overall savings and enhance your experience.

11. Look for Credit Card Travel Reward Points – Accrue reward points via Credit Cards tailored for travel purchases, which can be redeemed for Cruises, Hotels, Airfare, and other amenities.

Onboard Savings

12. Order Buckets of Beer – Enjoy a bucket containing multiple beers at a slightly reduced rate compared to individually ordered servings.

13. Wine Lovers Tip – Buy a bottle of wine and have the server pour individual servings for you, allowing you to maintain control over consumption while enjoying potential savings.

Food & Beverage Hack

14. DIY Sangria Recipe – Combine red wine, orange juice, pineapple juice, and assorted fruits in a large cup, letting it rest overnight. Create refreshing cocktails for yourself and friends, ideal for warm climates and sunny decks.

Shore Excursion Tricks

15. Research Cruise Ports of Call – Familiarize yourself with each destination and explore options beyond official Cruise Line excursions. Discover unique attractions, eateries, and activities to create memorable moments within your budget constraints.

16. Negotiate Prices – Don’t hesitate to negotiate rates for goods and services at ports of call. Often, asking politely and expressing interest in repeat business leads to favorable outcomes.

Additional Tips

17. Pack Over-The-Counter Medications & First Aid Supplies – Avoid unexpected medical fees by carrying basic medications and supplies needed during your trip.

18. Seek Out Travel Deals – Explore offers provided by third-party agencies offering competitive pricing, bonuses, and exclusive incentives.

19. Park Off-Site – Compare prices between Cruise Line parking lots and alternative parking solutions, such as park-and-ride facilities.

20. Share Internet Access – Rather than paying for separate internet access plans, split the cost among fellow passengers by utilizing multi-device packages.

21. Embarkation Day Specials – Make the most of embarkation day promotions, such as discounted spa treatments, specialty restaurant deals, and bonus loyalty program points.

By implementing these handy tips, you’re sure to minimize unnecessary costs and ensure smooth sailing toward a fantastic and affordable Cruise adventure. Happy travels!

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