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Getting to Know Bacteria: Small Organisms with a Big Impact

If we have a choice whether we would like to be healthy or want to be sick, then it would hardly be anyone who would choose the option of being sick. But when none of us want to be sick, then why do we get sick? The question may seem a bit strange, but the answer is very normal and our lifestyle and our surroundings are responsible for it.

The pathogens that are present around us in the surroundings have a big hand in this, such as bacteria. Now you must have heard this name many times. Be it pneumonia, typhoid, or tetanus. The doctor must have said that it is a bacterial infection or a bacterial disease. But is it bacteria? Who are they, where do they come from, where do they live and what do they do? These are such basic points that you must know because you too keep getting affected by them. Sometimes every day.

So invest the next few minutes in your health. So the thing is that bacteria are microscopic organisms whose length is a few micrometers. They are made of only one cell. That is, there are single-cell organisms, which are found in all types of environments, i.e. on the ground as well as in the ocean. Now you may be shocked to know this, but about four billion years ago, the first organisms that came on the earth, it is believed to be bacteria, and the oldest fossils that have been found are bacteria, light organisms only.

These bacteria can live inside an organism as well as can live outside. They live proudly in our body i.e. human body too. Like in our hands, some bacteria in our gut survive even in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Their number is in the millions. Would you like to guess how many bacterial cells are there in one gram of soil and how many in one milliliter of fresh water? The answer is that there can be up to 40 million bacterial cells in one gram of soil and one million bacterial cells in one milliliter of fresh water. That is, this small bacteria is really very popular because its army is very large. Thankfully a large part of its army is in our support. Yes, because their special thing is that they can be very beneficial as well as very dangerous and it depends on their tea quantity and their location in the body whether they will become a threat to us or give us benefits.

That is, there are good bacteria as well as bad bacteria, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body function. They make up about 22 percent of the gut population and look at the amazing thing that our body has more bacterial cells than human cells. Although the bacterial cell is 10 times smaller than the human cell. These bacteria also play an important role in biotechnology and are also used in industrial and medicinal processors. Food technology in nitrogen fixation involves molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetic resources of bacteria to make your favorite cheese.

They are also very important for the planet’s ecosystem. It also supports both plant and animal life. But you should also know that bacterial cells are different from plant and animal cells because bacteria are proof, that is, they do not have a nucleus, while plant and animal cells are unicellular. The good thing is that most of the bacteria are homeless and some are very helpful too some species of bacteria are patho jerry, which we call bad bacteria because they bring bacterial diseases like cholera, diphtheria, leprosy, Tetanus, pulmonary tuberculosis, and syphilis. You know about the bacteria associated with this that they are single cells, but they mix in pairs in chains and clusters because there are many shapes of bacteria. That is, it can also be in road shape i.e. cylinders. Like cocks can be in screw shape as well, just like Pyro’s coma can be in shape too. Just like Weberage spiral shape is also possible, like Birla and Spherical shape can also be there. Like coc c means bacteria are found in five shapes and capsule cell wall, plasma, membrane, side plasma, DNA, ribosome, platinum, and pili are present in the cell of bacteria.

There are many methods of reproduction in bacteria, such as binary fusion, transfer of genetic material, and sports traps. Its. There are many types of cartoons. Trophic bacteria i.e. heterotrophic bacteria absorb organic material, while autotrophic bacteria i.e. autotrophic bacteria prepare their food through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. Similarly, aerobic bacteria can grow only where there is oxygen. Such additive moisture is therefore found in soils in which organic carbon sources are present and aerobic bacteria grow in places where there is no oxygen, such as in the gastrointestinal tract in cougars, which have little oxygen.

Now although bacteria live in our entire body, the impact of gut bacteria is maximum, because they help in keeping the entire digestive system correct. These bacteria break down nutrients, such as complex sugars, into forms the body can use. Along with affecting metabolism, they also affect the immune system and our mood. Some helpful bacteria even protect us by attacking pathogens. Now you must be thinking how do bacteria enter our body? So maybe you do not know that microbes like us and bacteria live in a symbiotic relationship, in which we give them food and they do a lot for us. Like the breakdown of pores, making vitamins, breakdown of toxins. With this, the relationship between him and the bacteria and ours begins with the birth itself. Because as long as a child is in the mood of its mother, it remains in a bacteria-free environment and its contact with the birth is with its new relations in the outer world, which have a relation with 12 bacteria, which is life. Time goes on and whenever there is an imbalance of decreasing bacteria, especially in our body i.e. deficiency or excess of X type of bacteria, then many problems may have to be faced. Like obesity, immune system problems, inflammatory bowel disease ie IBS, kidney disease, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. That is, along with keeping the balance of everything else in life, we also have to think about balancing the ratio of good bacteria in our body.

This is a bit strange, but it is true because if the ratio of good bacteria deteriorates, and if the ratio of bad bacteria increases, then there is a problem. And then some of the bad bacteria also cause many infections, coming in contact with which they produce rapidly in the human body and by releasing toxins can damage the tissues of the body, due to which we become ill. In such a situation, many times there is a need to take antibiotics in case of bacterial disease so that the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria can be stopped. But at this time it is necessary to take antibiotics only after consulting a doctor, because by taking antibiotics, the pathogenic bacteria present in your body can learn to resist that antibiotic and if this happens, then such an infection can also spread, which Even antibiotics cannot cure.

Therefore, antibiotics should be taken only after consulting a doctor, so that the fear of these medicines remains in the bacteria and they run out of the body as soon as possible. And what should be done if you want to prevent bacterial infection? There are very simple things about this, which you should remember. Such as proper handwashing, covering your mouth and nose while screaming and coughing, and not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with dirty hands. Take care of hygiene, especially keeping the kitchen, office, and frequently touched counters clean. Doing food at the proper temperature.

Start treatment only after consulting a doctor and avoid contact with wild animals. By doing all this, bacterial infections and diseases can be avoided to a great extent. That’s why it is our hope that you will take care of all these things now. Because out of the options of being healthy and being ill, you also want to choose the option of being healthy. Isn’t it? And now you also know that bacteria may be small but there are many of them. It does not have a very large body and is also found in many species and shapes. It is everywhere, present both as our friend and foe and all we have to do is to deepen our friendship with the friend and keep the enemy away from us.

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