INSANE CRUISE PRICES for Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas Revealed


Join us in taking an in-depth look at Royal Caribbean’s upcoming sensation, the Icon of the Seas. Set to embark on voyages in just a few short months, this mammoth vessel carries an extraordinary price tag along with its lavish amenities. We explore the reasons behind the astronomical costs and analyze the factors contributing to the hype surrounding this opulent cruise ship.

Construction Costs:

At a staggering estimated construction expense of $2 billion, Icon of the Seas represents Royal Caribbean’s single largest investment in its rich 53-year history. Comparatively speaking, the former record holder, Allure of the Seas, required ‘only’ $1.43 billion during its development phase. Such considerable expenditure implies both immense scale and remarkable innovation; however, rapid profit generation becomes essential given the sizable financial commitment.

Ship Capacity:

As the world’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas can accommodate up to 7,600 passengers—around 10,000 people when accounting for the crew members onboard. Curiously enough, this translates to nearly six percent greater capacity than the previous titleholder, Wonder of the Seas, which holds a maximum occupancy of 6,988. These mindboggling statistics raise questions regarding logistics, efficiency, and overall guest satisfaction on such a densely populated floating resort.

Unprecedented Sales Success:

When Icon of the Seas became available for reservations in October 2022, the response proved nothing short of phenomenal. According to official reports, the opening day witnessed record-shattering levels of bookings, representing the cruise operator’s busiest sales period since its establishment half a century ago. Although precise quantities haven’t been disclosed, Royal Caribbean proudly announced reaching its highest-ever volume of reservations. Furthermore, the enthusiasm showed no signs of waning, despite departure schedules set 15 months following the initial release date. What drives this intense desire among consumers to secure berths aboard the Icon of the Seas?

Captivating Attractions:

One plausible explanation lies in the plethora of enticing novelties offered by the ship. Divided into eight distinctive districts, each district flaunts its own theme, ambiance, and assortment of engaging pursuits. Among these areas are:

  • AquaDome Solarium: Adorned with breathtaking 220-degree views via towering glass walls, the Solarium hosts dazzling acrobatics displays alongside regular leisurely swims.

  • Central Park: Borrowing inspiration from earlier iterations present on Oasis-class liners, Central Park expands further, introducing enhanced greenery and an eclectic collection of dining establishments against a charming garden setting.

  • Chill Island: Showcasing the largest seawater pool available on any vessel together with a convivial swim-up bar, this oasis caters to visitors craving sunshine and laidback indulgence.

  • Thrill Island: Boasting six exhilarating waterslides, a skydive simulation center, an outdoor sports hub, and a miniature golf course, adventure aficionados won’t struggle finding riveting diversions.

  • Surfside: Geared towards young families, Surfside offers interactive splash pads, modest waterslides, and communal gathering spots tailored for memorable escapades.

  • The Hideaway: Echoing Royal Caribbean’s interpretation of a beach club concept, The Hideaway invites grownups to revel in spectacular vistas, bubbling whirlpools, full-service cocktail stations, and curated special events.

  • The Sweet Neighborhood: Predominantly catering to guests residing in deluxe suites, this elite quarter comprises a private pool zone, à la carte culinary adventures, chic lounges, and priority access to select services.

  • The Royal Promenade: Significantly expanding upon past models, the reinvented promenade introduces a multitude of retail stores, gastronomic options, and socialization avenues—now supplemented with coveted window installations absent from previous Oasis Class designs.

Pricing Controversy:

However, not everyone shares the enthusiasm surrounding Icon of the Seas’ jaw-dropping price tags. Critics argue that certain fares border on excessive, particularly concerning interior staterooms. Consider, for instance, the entry-level fare for a standard seven-night journey in the eastern Caribbean. Currently listed at £1,750 ($2,300) per person, such an accommodation deal might easily exceed comparable luxury suites offered by competing midsize vessels. Given this context, it’s hardly surprising that prospective clients express skepticism toward investing thousands of dollars solely for an interior cabin devoid of natural light sources.

Balcony Conundrum:

Similarly puzzling are the charges related to balcony cabins. Even the least expensive option commands a steep fee of £2,632 ($3,300) per individual, providing merely a glimpse of central park foliage outside the confines of the room. Upgrading to ocean view balconies often results in premiums ranging between £200-$400 above the baseline rate, depending on the chosen month. Alarmingly, secured guarantees for unknown balcony locations reach exorbitant sums upward of £4,712 ($6,000) per person, potentially necessitating mortgage-like financing arrangements.

Additional Onboard Expenses:

To make matters worse, ancillary costs accumulate swiftly during shore excursions, fine dining experiences, spa treatments, and souvenir purchases. Moreover, recent trends indicate inflated pricing structures attached to Icon of the Sea’s exclusive packages, such as private island visits or specialized activity sessions. Regrettably, these additional burdens transform the initially attractive vacation package into a financially daunting endeavor.

Final Thoughts:

Amidst mounting criticism targeting prohibitive pricing strategies, it remains uncertain whether Royal Caribbean’s gamble on ultra-expensive cruising will yield dividends. Time will reveal if consumers embrace this brave new direction or opt for less costly alternatives elsewhere. Meanwhile, we continue observing developments closely, bringing forth fresh insights as they emerge. Stay tuned for future updates on Icon of the Seas and beyond.

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