The BIGGEST Cruise Hacks and Tips 2024


Hang UK Health brings you the ultimate guide to cruising with our essential tips, tricks, and hacks for making the most of your voyage. With years of experience traveling on various cruise lines, we’re here to ensure that you have the perfect cruise experience. Let’s dive into our carefully selected recommendations for prepping, saving, staying healthy, and enjoying life onboard.

1. Cruise Insurance: Protect Yourself (and Your Wallet)

With post-pandemic concerns and unpredictable circumstances, securing comprehensive cruise insurance is vital. Ensure yours covers crucial elements including trip cancellation, delays, and emergency medical expenses. Onboard medical facilities may not be part of standard insurance policies, so having appropriate coverage guarantees peace of mind during your travels.

2. Money-Saving Strategies for 2023

Riding the waves of increased prices following the pandemic, cruises might seem pricier than usual. However, budget-friendly alternatives include selecting interior or guaranteed cabins, avoiding shore excursions, and opting for complimentary dining and drink choices. Additionally, consider cruising during off-peak periods or changing plans spontaneously to capitalize on last-minute offers. Older vessels often provide more affordable rates compared to newly launched luxury liners. Lastly, utilizing onboard deposit schemes can lead to savings through exclusive perks.

3. Embrace Normalcy & Be Prepared for Changes

Post-pandemic cruising is returning to its former state—busier yet familiar. Keep expectations adaptable when facing variables like unexpected weather conditions altering routes, fluctuating passenger capacities, and occasionally modified schedules. Maintaining flexibility ensures smooth sailing despite potential shifts along the way.

4. Arrive Early & Prioritize Stress Reduction

To mitigate risks associated with flights or road incidents, plan to reach the port city a day ahead. Book nearby accommodations to minimize complications related to transportation issues. Upon arrival, allow ample time to manage necessary paperwork and checks smoothly.

5. Boarding Day Essentials

Check-in processes typically entail submitting documents, completing health assessments, and choosing preferred embarkation timings. Streamline the process by verifying information prior to arrival. Moreover, confirm specific entry protocols for individual ports and nations visited throughout the voyage.

6. Reserve Experiences Beforehand

Maximize your adventure by reserving activities, dining experiences, and entertainment options via cruise websites or apps prior to departure. By doing so, you secure desired slots while averting disappointments resulting from popular attractions selling out.

7. Dining Assignments & Dietary Requirements

Upon boarding, verify assigned seating arrangements in primary dining rooms. Request adjustments promptly if unsatisfied with your designated time slot or table preferences. Communicate any dietary restrictions immediately upon embarking to facilitate efficient accommodation.

8. Anticipate and Manage Seasickness

Modern cruise ships employ advanced stabilization technologies; however, preparing for occasional rough waters remains wise. Pack suitable remedies and arrange lodging on lower decks toward the vessel’s core to reduce motion sensitivity. opt for non-drowsy solutions to maintain alertness throughout the journey.

9. Optimize Storage Space & Enhance Comfort

Utilize hidden compartments under beds for storing large luggage pieces. Bring compact laundry bags for separating worn garments. Magnet hooks attach effortlessly to metal surfaces, providing additional hanging space for miscellaneous belongings. Disinfectants, air fresheners, and handy organizational tools contribute significantly to maintaining hygiene and order within confined quarters.

10. Adhere to Restricted Item Guidelines

Be aware of prohibited items aboard cruises. Common limitations include banning irons, clothing steamers, or heated appliances except for approved devices like hair dryers, flatirons, or curling irons. While many contemporary vessels boast numerous power outlets and USB connections, carrying multi-purpose chargers proves advantageous. Note differing electrical standards among international lines.


By implementing our expert advice, you set sail for memorable adventures infused with ease, comfort, and financial savvy. From ensuring proper protection against unforeseen events to optimizing resources and managing physical challenges, we equip you with valuable insights transforming ordinary vacations into extraordinary journeys. Happy cruising!

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