The3 Worst CRUISE LINES According to the Internet


The world of cruising is vast, filled with both delightful experiences and disappointments. With countless options available, choosing the right cruise line can be daunting. To help narrow down the search, we have compiled a list of the three worst cruise lines according to online reviews from reputable sources like Cruise Critic, Trust Pilot, and more. Please bear in mind that these findings are based on aggregated user reviews and ratings, and individual experiences may vary. Our intention is not to disparage these brands, but rather to present an overview of common pain points raised by customers.

1. Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises, an Italian subsidiary of the Carnival Corporation, offers a unique blend of Mediterranean charm and luxury. While praised for their diverse range of itineraries spanning the globe, there are notable drawbacks mentioned frequently in online reviews. These include:

Onboard Experience

Many passengers express disappointment with the quality and variety of entertainment options offered by Costa Cruises. Some reviewers describe the shore excursions as lackluster and missing the “wow” factor typically sought after in vacations. For instance, one reviewer shared a particularly distressing account on Cruise Critic, stating, “worst cruise ship ever…supposed to be all-included but you have to pay for almost everything. Helpless staff won’t help you in nothing; the ship only sees money, money, and money.”


Numerous reviews mention unexpected fees and charges for amenities previously assumed to be included. This perceived greediness leads to a diminished overall satisfaction among passengers seeking genuine hospitality. As one disgruntled passenger put it, “the whole ship is just designed to make money and not for the guests to enjoy the cruise.”

Food Quality

Another prominent complaint focuses on the culinary aspect of the Costa Cruises experience. Many travelers express disgust and disappointment with the quality and taste of the food, citing incidents of undercooked or overcooked dishes, bland flavors, and repetitive menus. Such inconsistencies in food quality greatly affect passengers’ overall enjoyment during their voyage.

Dining Experience

Despite advertising a diverse range of culinary options, several passengers have reported unpleasant dining experiences due to poorly prepared meals, leading to further criticism of the cruise line.

2. MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises, an international cruise line catering mainly to European clientele, boasts a broad spectrum of itineraries and opulent onboard experiences. However, multiple red flags emerge upon examining online reviews, with particular emphasis on:

Customer Service

Countless reviews point to unsatisfactory interactions with MSC Cruises’ staff, highlighting unresponsiveness, extended wait times, and apathy towards passengers’ needs. Several reviewers claim to have encountered rudeness and dismissiveness from employees.

Overcrowding and Space Issues

Several accounts indicate that MSC Cruises fails to allocate sufficient resources, resulting in overcrowded spaces, long queues, and difficulty securing seating in public venues. Multiple passengers have commented negatively on the cramped conditions and struggle to find adequate relaxation spots onboard.

Food Standards

Reviewers consistently complain about underwhelming gastronomical experiences, ranging from poor execution to insipid tastes and unappealing presentation.

Entertainment Options

While MSC Cruises aims to impress with varied entertainment options, several customers lament the low production values and underdeveloped concepts presented during performances.

3. Princess Cruises (Shocking Revelation)

In a study conducted by a highly respected independent consumer magazine, Princess Cruises received the lowest overall customer score – 67 out of 100 – placing it dead last among 23 ocean cruise operators evaluated. Key factors contributing to this unfavorable outcome include:

Customer Service

Princess Cruises fell short in critical areas like entertainment and customer service, earning lower scores than competitors such as Costa and MSC Cruises.

Food and Beverage

Passengers voiced discontent with meal quality, portions, and menu diversity, dragging down the overall rating in this category.

Value for Money

Despite charging premium prices, Princess Cruises failed to meet customer expectations in terms of food, entertainment, and personalized service.


Choosing the ideal cruise line requires careful consideration of factors beyond attractive brochures and enticing advertisements. By analyzing comprehensive reviews and ratings, potential customers gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each operator. Ultimately, understanding prevailing trends allows informed decisions, ensuring memorable and enjoyable voyages tailored to individual preferences.

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