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Understanding Stroke: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hi hello hello friends and tell me how are you? With this there is another question, Do you do deep breathing? I asked that to remind you that every part of our body needs oxygen and by deep breathing, we can improve the flow of oxygen to every part of the body, flush out toxins, and thereby reduce stress and anxiety. Will also get rid of it. And as far as oxygen is concerned, you also know how important it is for every part of our body.

One of these body parts is our brain which runs the nervous system. It needs oxygen to perform its functions and oxygen helps in sending signals and messages throughout the body. It holds so much importance that if the brain does not get oxygen from any region, then brain cells start increasing. In fact, in case of low oxygen conditions, cell death occurs in the next five minutes. It is very quick and life-saving too. When oxygen-rich blood stops reaching the brain tissues, brain cells and tissues get damaged. I

n this situation comes stroke, about which you have heard many times because stroke has become a global health problem and its cases have also increased very fast. Now the situation is such that among adults whose age is more than 25 years, one in four adults has increased the risk of having a stroke in their lifetime. More than 110 million people around the world have experienced a stroke. So it is very important to know about stroke so that we can know what stroke is, how it happens, why it happens, how it is diagnosed and treated, and how it can be avoided. Because if we have good health then we have everything and if we do not have it then we can create something or the other. But good health is very important. So let’s start and first of all understand what is stroke. A stroke is also called a brain attack.

This stroke is similar to a heart attack. But the blood vessels of the brain are affected by stroke and the heart in heart attack. When the blood supply to any part of the brain stops, brain cells can be damaged and dead too. But this happens when a blood vessel in the brain breaks and blood starts flowing or there are blockages in the blood supply to the brain. In both these conditions, the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain tissues stops and without oxygen, the brain cells and tissues die in a pinch.

This condition is called stroke. In a medical emergency, the effects of a stroke can be short-term as well as long-term. It depends on which part of the brain is affected and how fast it is treated. This means we should know from which symptoms stroke can be identified so that medical help can be taken in time. Let us know about the symptoms of stroke, about its symptoms. Difficulty in speaking and swallowing, difficulty in walking. Difficulty in balancing. Difficulty in understanding others’ words, memory loss. Changes in behavior and self-care ability. Confusion Paralysis or numbness in the face or leg on one side of the body.

Problems with vision in one or both eyes. Having a double vision or having blurred vision. Violent headache, with vomiting. Businesses also fail. This means when to see the doctor. When any of these symptoms are seen, then immediate action has to be taken. Even if the symptoms come and go for a while. Negligence should not be done. Focus on getting to a doctor right away because this condition can also be a medical emergency. To clear it further, some more important symptoms can be checked and for this, you have to be fast this time. So remember that fast means capacity base, common speech, and time in which the base i.e. the portion that seems to be unfolding, is not sounding right. Tell him to smile.

If one side of the face hangs down, a stroke may occur. Arms i.e. ask that person to raise both his arms up. If one falls down or one is not being lifted up at all, then hurry up. A stroke may occur. Ask Speech ie to repeat a simple sentence. Can’t he speak clearly? If yes, then do not waste time. Seek medical emergency help as soon as you see even one such sign because every minute is precious. If it is too late then brain damage. There will be higher chances of being there.

So now you have to understand how to identify this situation. So now let us know further what are the causes of stroke. Stroke can come for two reasons. A blocked artery and a burst blood vessel. Ischemic stroke occurs when a blocked artery occurs and hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel leaks or bursts. In some people, the blood flow to the brain is temporarily disturbed and this condition is called TIA i.e. trans and ischemic attack. Let us know more about these three.

First of all, know about ischemic stroke which is the most common type of stroke. It occurs when blood vessels in the brain become blocked or narrowed, reducing blood flow. This condition is called stevia. These blockages happen because of the remaining deposits. The second type, hammer stroke occurs when blood vessels in the brain leak or burst, and then a hemorrhagic stroke occurs. There can be many reasons for this like uncontrolled, high blood pressure, over-treatment of blood thinners, trauma, blood vessel walls, protein deposits, and existence. It is also sometimes called a mini-stroke. In this, stroke-like symptoms come for a temporary period and do not cause permanent damage. Like a chemical stroke, T.I. also occurs when a clot blocks blood flow, and T.I.

It could also mean a complete stroke in the future. So don’t take it lightly. There are many factors that increase the region of stroke and its risk and come in such risk factors. Unhealthy diet, stress, depression, being overweight, being physically inactive, consuming too much alcohol, using illegal drugs like cocaine, having high blood pressure, smoking, having high cholesterol, having diabetes, having heart problems. Personal or family history of stroke, or heart attack. This risk is higher in age more than 55 and instead of women, it has a higher risk in males.

By knowing about the risk factors, you understand which of our habits promote stroke. Therefore, pay attention to improving these habits and health conditions and what can be done to prevent stroke. For this, it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle. Without any excuse, high blood pressure should be controlled. The diet should reduce the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. Tobacco use should be stopped, distance should be made from alcohol. Diabetes should be kept under control. Healthy weight maintenance should be kept. A fruit and vegetable-rich diet should be taken. Regular exercise should be done. Regular checkups should be done and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea i.e. OAS should be taken. A sleep disorder in which breathing stops for short periods during sleep. So in this way, the chances of having a medical emergency like a stroke can be greatly reduced.

Now it would be better to know further how the diagnosis of stroke is done. Doctors check the symptoms during diagnosis. Find out the stroke risk factors by finding out the medical history. It includes checking blood pressure, knowing about medication, and listening to heart rate. Apart from this, through the physical exam, checking for balance, coordination, weakness, numb pages, common or late, signs of confusion, and vision problems are detected. After that, some tests are done to confirm the strong diagnosis, such as a blood test which tells about blood sugar level, platelet count, infection, and blood clotting cholesterol level.

For this, MRI and CT scans can also be done if needed. Apart from these, ECG i.e. electrocardiogram, cellular angiography, carotid ultrasound, and electrocardiogram may also be required. After proper diagnosis, treatment is started according to the stroke type, in addition to medication, mechanical treatment from the stent and surgery are done and stroke recovery focuses on four main areas, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, reloading, sensory skills, and physical therapy. So friends, in this way you have come to know what is a stroke, how it happens, how risky it is, and due to which negligence this risk increases, and by recognizing the signs of the cases, we can save ourselves and others by taking fast action. You can save your loved ones from this danger. Therefore, for maximum prevention from stroke, connect your lifestyle with health and share this Article with all those for whose help you are concerned. Because health awareness is also very important.

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