Which Cruise Line Should You Book in 2024?


When planning a cruise vacation, selecting the right cruise line can significantly impact the overall experience. With various options available, making an informed decision becomes crucial. In this blog post, we delve into the details of four prominent cruise lines – Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, and Princess Cruises – comparing their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one suits your preferences best. After cruising nearly 80 times, I bring valuable insights and hands-on experience to guide you through this process.

I. Royal Caribbean

A. Pros

1. Wide Range of Ships

Royal Caribbean boasts an impressive fleet, featuring both newer and larger vessels (such as Oasis class and Quantum class) and older, smaller ships. This diversity caters to varying tastes, ensuring there’s a perfect match for everyone.

2. Entertainment Options

The cruise line excels in providing top-notch entertainment, featuring multiple theaters, rock climbing walls, zip lines, skydiving simulators, robotic bars, and ice skating rinks on selected ships. These “go big or go home” ships cater to adventure seekers looking for thrilling experiences. For a more laid-back experience, older ships provide ample opportunities while maintaining a relaxed vibe.

3. Cabin Selections

One notable aspect of Royal Caribbean is their generously proportioned cabins and staterooms, typically larger than industry standards. Offering a broad spectrum of accommodations, from basic interior cabins to expansive multi-level suites equipped with private restaurants, lounges, and butlers (lovingly referred to as ‘Genies’), travelers can find the ideal space tailored to their needs.

4. Shore Excursions & Private Islands

An extensive assortment of shore excursions awaits passengers at each port of call, allowing customization of adventures ashore. Additionally, Royal Caribbean operates two private resorts – Labadee in Haiti and CocoCay in the Bahamas – which offer exclusive beach retreats complete with waterparks, private cabanas, and exciting activities.

5. Diverse Dining Experiences

Ranging from casual eateries to gourmet establishments, Royal Caribbean provides a plethora of dining possibilities. Enjoy complimentary inclusions like main dining rooms, buffets, quick bites, room service, and specialty extra-fee restaurants for elevated culinary journeys.

B. Cons

1. Expensive Add-Ons

Some of the specialty dining venues carry a higher price point, potentially escalating the total trip expenditure. Moreover, newer and larger ships tend to command a premium fare, although discounts on older ships remain viable alternatives for budget-conscious individuals.

2. Book Everything in Advance

To avoid missing out on desired meal reservations, entertainment slots, or other activities, booking ahead is essential. While this proactive approach ensures accessibility, spontaneous plans might prove challenging.

3. Mixed Reviews on Quality of Food

While opinions differ regarding the food offered aboard Royal Caribbean ships, particularly the complimentary options, there remains an abundance of alternative dining solutions readily accessible throughout the voyage.

II. Carnival Cruise Line

A. Pros

1. Affordability & Value

Compared to competitors like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Celebrity Cruises, Carnival generally ranks lower in terms of pricing, offering excellent value for money.

2. Fun Activities & Entertainment:

Multiple activities and entertainment options: Carnival offers a wide range of recreational pursuits and performance programs.

Modern amenities on newer ships: Recent builds, like the Vista Class, Mardi Gras, and Carnival Jubilee, incorporate contemporary conveniences.

Original musical productions and performances: Passengers can attend unique live music presentations and storylines crafted exclusively for Carnival.

Active cruise directors: Personnel responsible for coordinating activities arrange stimulating gatherings and occasions for guests.


Late-starting European ambiance: Evening festivities commence late, reflecting the tempo of European social life.

Relaxed dress codes: Formality takes a backseat, encouraging a more casual attire during nighttime celebrations.

Array of inclusive dining options: Carnival’s nighttime food offerings span a wide range, catering to diverse palates.

3. Superior Customer Service:

Friendly staff and crew members: Employees maintain a warm demeanor, contributing positively to the overall guest experience.
Prioritizing guest satisfaction: Workforce focuses on addressing customers’ desires and concerns, aiming to create a delightful journey.


1. Run-Down Older Ships: Select older vessels require maintenance or renewal due to visible indications of deterioration. Nevertheless, ongoing investment in newer ships demonstrates Carnival’s dedication to improving its fleet.

2. Limited Cabin Types: Across the entire fleet, the availability of diverse cabin categories remains restricted, reducing options for discerning passengers.

3. Fewer onboard amenities (spas, fitness centers): Competing cruise lines may surpass Carnival in terms of onboard amenities, such as spa and gym facilities.

4. Restricted Shore Excursion Choices in Certain Ports: Depending upon location, prearranged land explorations may be somewhat limited relative to competitor offerings.

5. Absence of a Good Private Island or Resort: Although Carnival owns private islands, they may fall short in comparison to equivalents managed by opposing companies.

6. Occasionally Boisterous Environment: Reports suggest instances of high sound volumes, disorderly conduct, and isolated incidents, emphasizing the necessity of cautiously examining fellow travelers and favored environments when deciding upon a fitting cruise line.

III. MSC Cruises

A. Pros

1. Competitive Pricing: MSC frequently presents attractive rates, enabling budget-friendly vacations without compromising quality.

2. Attractive Drinks Packages: Affordable alcohol packages facilitate enjoyable and economical imbibing throughout the journey.

3. Stunning Ship Designs: Modern designs characterize MSC vessels, incorporating sleek architectural elements and visually appealing aesthetics.

4. Exceptional Features & Amenities: Newer MSC ships showcase sought-after attractions like water parks, virtual reality gaming zones, sports facilities, and multiple theaters.

5. Generously Sized Accommodations: MSC cabins consistently rank among the largest in the industry, complemented by thoughtfully planned layouts and attention to detail.

B. Cons

1. Subpar Entertainment: MSC struggles to compete with leading cruise lines concerning original and memorable stage productions, falling short in delivering captivating and innovative performances.

2. Poor Customer Service: Notorious for below-average service levels, MSC crews occasionally exhibit apathy, disregard, and impatience toward guests, detracting from the overall experience.

3. Unremarkable Food: With limited variations and uneven quality, MSC cuisine fails to distinguish itself from peers, leaving diners underwhelmed.

4. Announcements in Multiple Languages: Lengthy multilingual updates interrupt serenity, causing inconvenience and disturbance for some passengers.

5. Overstimulating DĂ©cor: Excessive vibrancy and ostentatious design motifs result in an environment reminiscent of Las Vegas on steroids, potentially overwhelming sensitive individuals.

IV. Princess Cruises

A. Pros

1. Delicious Included Food: Featuring mouthwatering main dining menus and exceptional buffet spreads, Princess Cruises distinguishes itself with commendable culinary offerings.

2. Luxurious Ambiance: Elevated elegance defines the ambiance, invoking feelings of sophistication and grandeur consistent with luxury cruising expectations.

3. Comfortable Cabins: Boasting plush bedding and ergonomically designed spaces, Princess Cruises’ accommodations ensure restful repose throughout the voyage.

4. Attentive Staff Members: Dedicated crew members cater to guests’ whims, fostering positive interactions and heightened hospitality experiences.

5. Innovative Technology: Introducing the groundbreaking Ocean Medallion™ device, Princess Cruises simplifies embarkation, facilitates keyless entry, enables convenient ordering, and interacts seamlessly with touchscreens dispersed throughout the vessel.

B. Cons

1. Missing Recreation Opportunities: Absence of staple recreation components (water parks, miniature golf courses, ropes courses) reduces potential leisure avenues compared to major competitors.

2. Premium Pricing: Higher fares position Princess Cruises as a more costly alternative to comparable mainstream cruise lines.

3. Limited Cabin and Suite Assortment: Limited variety in cabin categories restricts choices for travelers desiring diverse lodging configurations.

4. Moderately High Additional Charges: Expect increased fees for optional extras such as spa treatments, land tours, and specialty dining experiences.

5. Hit-and-Miss Internet Connectivity: Internet reliability varies between ships, potentially impacting communication capabilities and streaming abilities during the expedition.


Selecting the ideal cruise line involves careful evaluation of individual priorities, interests, and financial constraints. By understanding the distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with each contender, prospective cruisers can confidently determine the optimal choice suited to their unique requirements, ultimately resulting in cherished memories and unforgettable experiences at sea. Happy cruising!

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