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About US

Welcome To The Hang UK Health

About Hang UK Health:

Hang UK Health is a website related to the Health and Fitness niche that provides you with various types of information about health and Fitness.

We focus on:

  • Health Tips
  • Healthcare Guide
  • Nutrition for a Healthy Life
  • Disease prevention and early detection

Why Hang UK Health:

Nowadays many diseases are spreading, many of which have been seen for the first time, such as Coronavirus, which has taken the lives of many people and destroyed many houses. Therefore, Hanguk Health believes that it is very important for people to know how to stay healthy, that is why we launched Hanguk Health, but almost all the people on our team are graduates. All the people in our team have obtained degrees up to graduation in the medical field. They are also from good colleges, hence these people together create such content on Hanguk Health which is very helpful to the people. Hang UK Health team focuses on articles and web stories.

Our Company/Network Behind Content:

Although we have not tied up with any health organization, my team works full-time at Hang UK Health. People first pick a topic and then do a lot of research. To do research, people use books, social media, and the internet. Once the research is complete, only then they write content. Our team people mostly focus on articles and web stories.

Our Team

Let’s introduce my Team:

Anushka Saini

Author & Editor

Savita Kumari

Author & Editor

Arun Bhatiya

Author, Admin, and Owner

Ankita Sah

Author & Editor

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